Choosing the right lenses is the most important factor in selecting eyewear. After all, the main purpose of eyewear is to help you see clearly and comfortably.

There are three main factors in your lens purchase: Lens materials, lens design, and lens coatings/treatments. Each factor will have an impact on the optical performance, cosmetic appearance, and cost of your lenses.

Lens material: Glass, plastic, polycarbonate (shatter resistant), high-index (thinner profile), Trivex (new thin light lens), photochromic/Transition (darken & lighten), polarized (eliminates glare in sunglasses).

Lens Design: Single vision, bifocal, trifocal, progressive (no-line), computer, business (progressive for the office).

Lens Coating/Treatment: Anti-reflective (cuts glare, removes irritating and unappealing reflections from the lens), Ultra-Violet (U.V.) coating, scratch resistant, tints, edge polish.

Regardless of which lens option you choose each is fabricated with quality and timely efficiency. We deal with top quality lens suppliers like Carl Zeiss, Essilor and Nikon among others. Relax in our friendly environment as our experienced staff helps you select the frames and optics that fit your needs, personality and lifestyle.

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